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Richard Dennys, Engeland (1884-1916)

Richard (Molesworth) Dennys werd op 17 december 1884 te Londen geboren. Hij volgde zijn opleiding aan het Winchester College en staat in de boeken als pianist, schilder, acteur, schrijver en dichter.

Bij het uitbreken van de Eerste Wereldoorlog, werd hij ingedeeld in het Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Dennys (ondertussen gepromoveerd tot Kapitein) raakte zwaar gewond op 12 juli 1916 nabij Albert gedurende de voorgevochten van het Somme offensief. Hij werd naar het British General Hospital te Rouen gebracht, alwaar hij twaalf dagen later zou komen te overlijden.

Better Far To Pass Away

Better far to pass away
While the limbs are strong and young,
Ere the ending of the day,
Ere youth's lusty song be sung.
Hot blood pulsing through the veins,
Youth's high hope a burning fire,
Young men needs must break the chains
That hold them from their hearts' desire.

My friends the hills, the sea, the sun,
The winds, the woods, the clouds, the trees -
How feebly, if my youth were done,
Could I, an old man, relish these!
With laughter, then, I'll go to greet
What Fate has still in store for me,
And welcome Death if we should meet,
And bear him willing company.

My share of fourscore years and ten
I'll gladly yield to any man,
And take no thought of "where" or "when,"
Contented with my shorter span,
For I have learned what love may be,
And found a heart that understands,
And known a comrade's constancy,
And felt the grip of friendly hands.

Come when it may, the stern decree
For me to leave the cheery throng
And quit the sturdy company
Of brothers that I work an:tong.
No need for me to look askance,
Since no regret my prospect mars.
My day was happy - and perchance
The coming night is full of stars.

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